XTERRA short track

Step 1 : 400m Swim, 2Km Running

Step 2 : 8 Km VTT and 2 Km running

Fast and easy to understand :

        - the top 25 of the Xterra Full the day before will be qualified to participate to the Xterra Short Track.


The idea is to make the show : very fast, very competitive !


 You will find some technical paths, some up and down in running and some others surprises ...


Poursuit Race / 


2 loops of 200m  swimming with an exit like Australian way out on the beach, and 2 loops of 1Km in Trail. 

Following this first event, the athletes will continue in the second part. 

2 loops of 4 Km in VTT, and 2 loops of 1km in Trail in the heart of the city of  PUJOLS. 

Registration of the XTERRA Light

  • You have to finish in the top 25 to be qualified

Dates à retenir

  • Opening of the village :

    • Friday August 28 2020 at 10H a.m

  • Recognition of Pathways : 

    • Friday August 28 2020 all day long​

  • First start for the Men :

    • ​Sunday August 30 2020 at 9H00 a.m

  • First start for the Women  : 

    • Sunday August 30 2020 at 9h15​ a.m

  • Second start Men : 

    • Sunday August 30 2020 at 10H30​ a.m

  • Second start Women  : 

    • Sunday August 30 2020 at 10H45​ a.m

  • Award ceremony : 

    • Sunday August 30 2020 at 11H30 a.m

Delivery of the race bibs

There will be no bib on this race but only numbers written on the leg and the arm and also a number  sticked on the bike.

The numbers will be assigned according to your position of the day before.