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250m swim, 5,5 Km VTT et 2,5 km running

The smallest distance of this XTERRA.


The best way to start triathlon and triathlon Nature.


Event limited to 500 participants.

©cyrille quintard-xterra-2022-08897.jpg

Race around the Lake of la Cadie


The MTB and Running races take the track that goes around the lake, no technical difficulties can be found on the race. A real discovery race. 

Date to remember

  • Opening of the village :

    • ​Friday, August 5 at 10H a.m

  • Races recognition : 

    • Friday, August 5, all the day​

  • Start :

    • Sunday, August 6 at 18H00

  • Arrival of the First : 

    • Sunday, August 6 at 18H30​

  • Awards Ceremony : 

    • Sunday, August 6 at 19H30

Registration of the XTERRA Light

  • Opening of registration : the 1st December 2021.

  • Registration fees : 25€  

How to register ?

Click HERE to find out about the registration process online 2019.


The rules of the race HERE.

Swim lap

Moutain Bike lap

Trail lap

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