500m swim, 20 Km  VTT et 4,5 Km running


Less than XTERRA Full distance.


Express yourself on the XTERRA Full race with one lap less than the full race. A good way to test yourself before going over the long distance.


Event limited to 500 participants.

Course in the Entre Deux Mers Bordelais


The mountain bike course with a difference of 600m of D +, 90% of paths, some areas have some technical difficulties.

Date to remember

  • Opening of the village :

    • ​Friday, August 27 at 14H

  • Course recognition : 

    • Friday, August 27, all the day​

  • Start :

    • ​Saturday, August 28  at 9H30

  • Arrival of the first : 

    • Saturday, August 28 ​at 10h30

  • Award Ceremony : 

    • Sunday, August 28 at 11H30

Registration to XTERRA Medium !

  • Openring registration : 14 December 2020.

  • Register Fees : 45€ 

How to Register ?

Click HERE to find out about the registration process online 2019.

The rules of the race HERE.

Delivery of the race bibs

The bibs will be available from Friday, August 28th on the Race Fair between 14h and 19H until Sunday, August 28 at 8H30am.