500m swim, 20 Km  VTT et 4,5 Km running


Less than XTERRA Full distance.


Express yourself on the XTERRA Full race with one lap less than the full race. A good way to test yourself before going over the long distance.


Event limited to 500 participants.

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Course in the Entre Deux Mers Bordelais


The mountain bike course with a difference of 600m of D +, 90% of paths, some areas have some technical difficulties.

Date to remember

  • Opening of the village :

    • ​Friday, August 5 at 14H

  • Course recognition : 

    • Friday, August 5, all the day​

  • Start :

    • ​Saturday, August 5  at 10H00

  • Arrival of the first : 

    • Saturday, August 5 ​at 11h00

  • Award Ceremony : 

    • Sunday, August 5 at 12H00

Registration to XTERRA Medium !

  • Openring registration : 1st December 2021.

  • Register Fees : 50 € 

How to Register ?

Click HERE to find out about the registration process online 2019.

The rules of the race HERE.

Swim Lap

Mountain Bike lap
 1 lap

Trail lap
 1 lap