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500m swim, 20 Km MB,  4,5 Km run


Less than XTERRA Full distance.


Express yourself on the XTERRA Full race with one lap less than the full race. A good way to test yourself before going over the long distance.


Event limited to 500 participants.


Dates to remember FRIDAY 3 MAY 2024
14H00 Opening of the Village and Withdrawal of Bibs
19H00 Presentation of Pro Athletes
19H30 Before Party SATURDAY
4 MAY 2024 07:30 Opening of the Village Expo and Distribution of Bibs
09:30 START - Triathlon Sprint
10:30 First arrivals - Triathlon Sprint

XTERRA SPRINT registration!  
Registration opens NOVEMBER 1, 2023.  
 Registration fees: 45 €  
Competition pass for non-licenciates: €  
How to register?  
The rules of the race here.  
Cancellation of participation:  
A cancellation pack is offered at the rate of 10 €.   No refund will be made for a person who has not subscribed the cancellation pack.    It allows to be refunded of the entirety of his registration until 27/04/2024 and to transfer his bib to the athlete of his choice at the rate of the registration modalities.   Registration is not transferable to a future edition.   Cancellations are made by sending an email to

for non lisenced athlete
1 lap of 0,5Km
6,62Km 118mD+ - 2 laps
2,59Km 52mD+ - 2 laps
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