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50m swim, 1 Km MTB et 200 m running

Even the kids have their race !


Route around the race village


The courses for the Kids races will remain on the Lac de la Cadie estate. A 500m loop on bike and 250m walk will be set up for kids' races. The 6-9 year olds will have 1 ride on bike and 1 ride on foot.  For the 10-13 year-olds it will be necessary to make 2 laps by bike and 2 laps on foot. 

Dates to remember

Opening of the Village:

Friday 25 August at 15:00

Removal of Bibs: 

Saturday 26 August: from 11:00 a.m


Saturday 26 August at 12:00 for the 6-9 Years

Saturday 26 August at 12:15 for the 10-13 Years

Award Ceremony: 

Saturday 26 August at 21:15

Registration of the XTERRA Kids

  • Opening of registration : December 2022.

  • Registration fees : 5€  

How to register ?

Click HERE to find out about the registration process online 2019.


The rules of the race HERE.

Pour les non-licenciés
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