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50m swim, 1 Km MTB et 200 m running

Even the kids have their race !


Race for the kids


The Best way to discover XTERRA race

Route around the race village


The courses for the Kids races will remain on the Lac de la Cadie estate. A 500m loop on bike and 250m walk will be set up for kids' races. The 6-9 year olds will have 1 ride on bike and 1 ride on foot.  For the 10-13 year-olds it will be necessary to make 2 laps by bike and 2 laps on foot. 

Dates to remember

Opening of the Village:

Friday 25 August at 15:00

Removal of Bibs: 

Saturday 26 August: from 11:00 a.m


Saturday 26 August at 12:00 for the 6-9 Years

Saturday 26 August at 12:15 for the 10-13 Years

Award Ceremony: 

Saturday 26 August at 21:15

Registration of the XTERRA Kids

  • Opening of registration : December 2022.

  • Registration fees : 5€  

How to register ?

Click HERE to find out about the registration process online 2019.


The rules of the race HERE.

Pour les non-licenciés

Swim lap

Moutain Bike lap

Trail lap

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